Our Commitment:

  • To partner with companies, such as yours, with evolving protective coatings needs that meet or exceed the demands of federal, state, and local environmental regulations both today and tomorrow.
  • To establish a personal relationship with both you and your company that demonstrates our commitment to your success, as well as our ongoing pledge to combine expert resources, unique manufacturing capabilities, and more than forty years of experience to deliver value to your business.
  • To serve as your primary solution provider who understands your unique market needs and leverages proven expertise to deliver world-class customer service coupled with quality products based on innovative ideas.
  • To earn your loyalty by providing superior products, value, and service.


Our headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on five acres of company-owned land adjoining the Stone Mountain Industrial Park.  Our location is convenient to both downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, with interstates I-85, I-75, and I-20 all mere minutes away.

Our property includes a dedicated rail spur serviced by CSX Railroad, allowing ease of shipments both domestically and overseas.  Moreover, the ports of Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Jacksonville, FL; and Mobile, AL are all within close proximity.  We have twelve 10’ x 10’ elevated shipping and receiving bays, one 12’ x 15’ ground level bay for side loading of flat-bed motor freight service, and one 14’ x 15’ rail bay aside a 180 ft. track spur.  We schedule daily pickups from fourteen major LTL common carriers – with next day service to most locations in the Southeast and other markets such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago.

Additional shipping locations include St. Louis, MO; Pontiac, MI; and, soon to be added, Phoenix, AZ.

Manufacturing and Quality Control:

We have several assets that help make our company safe and secure.  Our facility property is fenced and monitored by security cameras which all work together to control access and provide security for our products, raw materials, and all operating systems.  Our facility is also protected against loss due to fire by an incoming water main solely dedicated for sprinkler service throughout the plant, warehouse, and laboratory, and each of these areas is remotely monitored by ADT Security Services.  These measures are merely four (4) examples of Permite’s continued commitment to safety, security, and reliability all aimed at superior quality for our customers.

We continuously meet and maintain high standards, as well as achieve constant compliance with applicable environmental regulations.  This compliance is regularly demonstrated via periodic internal audits in addition to external audits performed by our insurance carrier, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Georgia Environmental Protection Department.

Our production division contains a diverse combination of equipment that enables us to quickly and successfully meet the varied needs of any customer.  The division houses twelve (12) milling stations, including high speed dispersers, sand mills, pebble mills, and a myriad of both stationary and portable mixing vessels.  All equipment in the manufacturing facility is either explosion-proof electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.  Our diverse customer base provides our ability to offer packaging in 4,000-gallon tank trucks, 330-gallon and 275-gallon intermediate bulk containers, 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon containers.

As part of our rigid quality program, statistical process control assessments are made at various stages throughout the manufacturing process.  All critical raw materials are screened and require a certificate of analysis from the supplier before they are released to manufacturing for use. Post-manufacturing quality control is also performed within stringent guidelines specific to each product and color.  Both wet and dry samples are retained from each batch, allowing post-production quality control to be performed weeks, months, or even years after shipment.  Moreover, our proprietary tracking system allows timely access to quality-related information from batch inception through product delivery.