Due to the technical nature and the intent of achieving maximum performance from our products, they are only available for purchase by industrial facilities and their respective professionally certified contractors.  Listed below are many of our standard products which we stock in a wide variety of colors. If your requirements are a bit more unique, we invite you to share your particular coating requirements with us.  Please contact us either by phone, fax, or by our Contact US link.;  PPC Labs has formulated custom coatings too numerous to list, all tailored to meet the customers specific requirements and/or production line parameters

Chemical Coatings and Linings

PCS-10270 Acrylic Modified Gloss Enamel
PCS-10270H Polyurethane Hardener
PCS-110 Phenolic Modified Universal Primer
PCS-1100 High Heat Aluminum Paint
PCS-12155 Water Reducible Primer
PCS-12210 Water Reducible Wheel Enamel
PCS-12250 Hydro-Tech Water Reducible Gloss Enamel
PCS-12295 Hydro-Tech Water Reducible Primer
PCS-13155 High Solids Air Dry Primer
PCS-13156 High Solids Air Dry Primer
PCS-13195 High Solids Air Dry Primer, High Build, HAPS Free
PCS-13275 High Solids Acrylic Modified Gloss Enamel, HAPS Free
PCS-1902 Silicone High Heat Aluminum
PCS-2250 Hydro-Tech Water Reducible Enamel, Asphalt Modified
PCS-4050 Speed Dry Aluminum Finish
PCS-4200 Waterborne Gloss Acrylic Finish
PCS-5025 Aluminum Interior-Exterior
PCS-504 Acrylic Polyurethane Finish
PCS-566 Polycote Polyester Urethane
PCS-571 Polycote Acrylic Polyurethane (Automotive Grade)
PCS-800 Polyamide Epoxy Primer
PCS-803 Grip-Tite Penetrating Epoxy Primer
PCS-809 100% Solids Epoxy Resin for Mortars and Grouts
PCS-821 Grip-Tite High Gloss Epoxy Floor Finish
PCS-850 Polyamide Epoxy Finish Coat
PCS-880 Epoxy Bonding Agent
PCS-895 Novolac Epoxy Coating
PCS-9010 High Gloss Fast Dry Alkyd Enamel
PCS-9043 Permox Wet Process Epoxy
PCS-9043 Type II Permox Glass Flake Filled Epoxy Pipe Coating
PERMOX-CTF Coal-Tar Free Ceramic Filled Novolac Epoxy Lining
PERMOX-CTF Joint Compound
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