COLORS: Available in a wide range
of colors.

GLOSS:  65-75 or as requested

VOLUME SOLIDS: 36% + 4% by volume

VOC AS SUPPLIED: As supplied:
Excluding water: > 1.9 lbs./gallon
Including water:  > 0.8 lbs./gallon

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 580 sq. ft per mil per gal. (unreduced)

THINNING: None required for brush, roll, or airless spray

1 or 2 at 3 mils DFT each

APPLICATION: Roll, brush, or spray

50oF to 100oF

DRY TIME: At 77oF, 50% relative humidity: To Touch: 30 minutes
To Recoat: 2 hours

Not recommended for continuous use above 175oF

PACKAGING: 1 and 5-gallon pails,
55-gallon drums, and totes

SHELF LIFE: 6-12 months in unopened
containers when stored between 40oF
min. and 100oF max.


DESCRIPTION:  PCS-4200 is a water based acrylic enamel.  It has excellent color and gloss retention.

ADVANTAGES:  PCS-4200 is ideal for application over previously coated surfaces and for lightly rusted areas that can only be hand cleaned.  It has excellent weather, salt spray, and general chemical resistance.  Not recommended for use with strong solvents or immersion service.  Suitable for use directly on prepared galvanized surfaces.  For use on tanks, bridges, siding, structural steel exposed to moderate corrosive atmospheres, pipe gallies, and concrete surfaces.  It is used in schools and hospitals where its low odor during application and its ease of cleaning are useful.

SURFACE PREPARATION:  For most applications, hand cleaning, followed by spot priming with PCS-12155 or PCS-12295, is recommended.  Existing finishes in sound condition, but contaminated by oil or grease, should be cleaned by a detergent wash or solvent rinse. Glossy surfaces must be dulled by brush blast, sanding or solvent wipe.  Pre-painted Metal Siding should be detergent washed using a minimum of a 2500 PSI pressure washer then thoroughly rinsed.  Masonry surfaces should generally be acid etched or treated by a brush blast; however, spot tests may show good adhesion without treatment.  Weathered galvanized surfaces should be wiped free of oil, grease, and dirt.  New galvanized surfaces should be treated with Oakite 33.

MIXING: Stir thoroughly before use.

THINNING:  Use only clean water.  Use caution when reducing, as small amounts of water result in a significant reduction in viscosity.

APPLICATION:  Stir well before using.  For airless spray a 25:1 ratio unit is recommended with a .015" orifice, 60° fan.  Fluid Pressure should be about 1800 psi.  PCS-4200 will appear heavy bodied compared to solvent based systems; do not reduce unless necessary to achieve atomization and then do so sparingly--no more than ½ pint of water/gallon as a start.  Do not attempt to apply wet films less than 5 mils as this will result in pinholes.  A 7 mils wet film will yield about 3 mils DFT.  For conventional spray reduce with no more than 1 pint water/gallon.  Use DeVilbiss MBC-510 gun with E needle and a #704 aircap or equivalents.  PCS-4200 may be applied to damp surfaces. Remove standing water with clean air before coating.  PCS-4200 will be dry to recoat in 2 hours at 75° F.

CLEAN-UP:  Use warm soapy water.  Do not delay clean-up as the coating develops some toughness as soon as the water has evaporated.

CAUTIONS: PCS-4200 is not flammable.  Components of this product may be skin irritants and/or skin sensitizers.  Rubber gloves should be worn to minimize skin contact. Avoid breathing vapors of material.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Call a physician immediately.  For eye contact, flush with lots of water.  In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

See material safety data sheets for full precautions prior to use.



PCS-4200 is intended for INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.

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