COLORS: Standard colors. Special colors available on request.

VOLUME SOLIDS: 53% + 2% for white; 42% + 2% for clear and black.

GLOSS: 95 + 5

VOC: < 3.99 lbs/gal ( <480 gms/L )


THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 850 sq. ft./gallon at 1 mil DFT for white; 675 sq. ft./gallon at 1 mil DFT for clear and black

MIXING RATIO: Four volumes of Base to one volume of Hardener

POT LIFE: 1 ½ - 2 hours at 77oF to double in viscosity. 4 - 6 hours at 77oF to gel time

2 - 3 mils DFT

45oF to 110oF

DRY TIME: Dust free, 30 minutes. Tack free, 6 hours. Hard, overnight (12-16 hours). Full cure, 7 days.

PACKAGING: 5-gallon kits; 1.25-gallon kits are special order

SHELF LIFE: 12 months in unopened



DESCRIPTION:  A unique acrylic polyurethane based on an aliphatic urethane prepolymer.  Polycote can be applied as received with both conventional and airless spray equipment as well as by brush or roller.

VOC as supplied: White--3.25 lbs./gallon; Clear and Black-- < 3.99 lbs./gallon.
When reduced: White--3.75 lbs./gallon; Clear and Black-- < 4.38 lbs./gallon. (15% by volume with R77-132)

PCS-571 is extremely stable for all but the most severe industrial environments.  Polycote has outstanding color and gloss retention along with exceptional chemical resistance when compared to other acrylic polyurethanes of this type.

SURFACE PREPARATION:  Generally Polycote may be applied to epoxy, chlorinated rubber, and most universal primers.  Consult Permite for specific recommendations in case of doubt.

MIXING:  Four volumes of Base and one volume of Hardener should be mixed until a uniform color is achieved.  No waiting or induction period is necessary.  Polycote may be applied immediately after mixing.

Note: Polyurethanes are sensitive to moisture.  Avoid contaminating with condensate when mixing with air-driven mixers.  Re-close partially full containers tightly.

THINNING: Not required for brush and roller application.  For airless and conventional spray, thinning is generally not required.  However, the use of small amounts of Reducer R77-132 will help flow and leveling.  We recommend for automotive application that 10 - 15% Reducer R77-132 be used to control appearance and film build.

APPLICATION:  Flush equipment thoroughly with MEK before use.  Air support spray: Use Binks #62 gun, #63 tip and 66PF cap, or equivalent. Pot pressure, 10-15 psi and 25-35 psi atomizing pressure.  Airless spray: Fluid pressure approximately 1200 psi, .013-.015 inch orifice. May be brushed or rolled; however, spray application will give best results.  Do not apply when the temperature is 45° F and falling. High surface temperatures can cause solvent “popping.”

DRY TIME:  Polycote will dry to a dust free condition in 30 minutes and set to touch in 1 hour.  It becomes completely tack free in 6 hours; however depending on temperatures and humidity, it may be possible to handle and move parts as early as 3 hours dry time.  It will cure hard overnight (12-16 hours).  Full cure, 7 days.

CLEAN UP:  Reducer R76, R77-132, or MEK may be used for clean-up only.  Do not allow material to set up.  Once set, it is nearly impossible to clean equipment.

CAUTION: Flammable.  This product contains solvents.  Keep away from heat and open flame.  Keep containers closed.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin.  If used in confined areas, observe the following precautions to prevent hazards of fire, explosions or damage to health: (1) circulate adequate fresh air continuously during application and drying; (2) use fresh air hoods and explosion-proof equipment; (3) prohibit all flames, sparks, welding, and smoking.

See material safety data sheet for full precautions prior to use.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. For eye contact, flush with water; if irritation persists, seek medical attention. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

PCS-571 is intended for INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY.

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