VOC: .8 lbs. per gallon

COLORS: Standard Colors Available

GLOSS: 60o Glossmeter: 80+

12 to 60 mils depending upon service.


ft. per gallon @ 1 mil


MIXING RATIO: 4 to 1 by volume

POT LIFE: 1 hour when not reduced.
4 hrs. @ 77oF when reduced to spray
(shorter at higher temperatures) .

APPLICATION Temperature:
35oF – 120oF

DRY TIME: To touch, 2 - 4 hrs. @ 77oF;
full cure 7 days @ 77oF

SERVICE TEMPERATURE: Up to 300oF dry, up to 180oF wet depending upon service.

RECOAT: 2 hours minimum – 7 days
maximum; longer period will result in poor
intercoat adhesion. Consult Permite.


PACKAGING: 5 gallon kits.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months in unopened




DESCRIPTION: PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is a high-build glass-flake epoxy coating specifically designed for use on concrete, ductile iron, steel pipe and related equipment. It is self priming and epoxy modified to produce thick films up to 50 mils dry film thickness in a single coat, where required. In field work, this product may be applied over damp surfaces and concrete with a moisture content of up to 26% at temperatures as low as 35oF, with unaffected chemical resistance and durability upon reaching full cure. When used in shop application, PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING provides easy application, outstanding adhesion, and recoat times as soon as 2 hours minimum.

USES: PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING can be used as an interior and exterior coating for pipe in industries such as chemical processing, pulp and paper, marine, water and sewage, offshore drilling, nuclear energy, textile, petroleum, and others. The high performance polyamine epoxy resin and laminar glass flake combine to produce a very tight, compact film with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. The plate-like formation of glass-flake produces a paint film of 0.0 perms when tested for six(6) weeks per ASTM E 96-66, procedure A. The plate-like structure of glass flake in the cured film also provides superior coverage of irregular surface profile thus producing a holiday-free coating at lower film build when compared to coal-tar epoxies.

PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Corps of Engineers Specification C200; Steel Structures Painting Council Specification SSPC-PT-16; AWWA C-210-84 liquid epoxy system for interior and exterior of steel water pipes; and DOD-P-23236(SH) Type I, Class I, Type III, Class I.


Non-Immersion Service: Solvent clean per SSPC-SP1 to remove all oil, grease, and loosely-adhering deposits. Abrasive blast per SSPC-SP6 to remove all rust, mill scale, dust, and other surface contaminants per SSPC-VIS-1-89.
Immersion Service: Solvent clean per SSPC-SP1 to remove all oil, grease, and loosely-adhering deposits. Abrasive blast per SSPC-SP10 near-white conditions per SSPC-VIS-1-89.
Primer: None required. PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING has excellent adhesion to steel.
CONCRETE PIPE and MANHOLES: Brush blast to remove surface contaminants and roughen surface. Bug holes opened in the blasting process should be filled before coating.
Primer: None required.
DUCTILE IRON: Abrasive blast to remove all loosely-adherent oxides and foreign materials which would adversely affect the coating adhesion. Since some oxides present after the manufacture of ductile iron pipe are so tightly adhered to the surface that they actually become an integral part of the pipe, the extent of abrasive blasting should be sufficient to remove loosely-adherent oxides but not those that are tightly adhered. The intent is to determine that the entire surface to be coated is struck by the blast media.
Primer: None required.


MIXING: At temperatures higher than 80o F, refer to above paragraph on pot life to determine quantity to be mixed. DO NOT MIX MORE THAN CAN BE USED IN A 3 HOUR PERIOD FOR SPRAY APPLICATION, OR IN 1 HOUR FOR BRUSH APPLICATION.

Mix 4 gallons of BASE with 1 quart of REDUCER #76 until uniform with power mixer, then add in 1 gallon of HARDENER. Continue mixing for 3 minutes minimum, scraping sides of mixing container occasionally to ensure that all of the BASE component is thoroughly mixed in.

APPLICATION: Brush, roller, or spray. Do not use nylon or plastic equipment.

Spray Equipment: Conventional Spray Airless Spray
Pump-Graco Mogul (8:1) or equal Pump-Graco Bulldog (30:1) or equal
Pressure: Material – 30 to 55 psi Line Pressure – 70 to 90 psi
Atomization – 50 to 90 psi Tip – 23 to 31 thousandths, reversible
Fluid Tip – 1/8” to 1/4” Tip Filter – none
Atomizing tip – 3/16” (external wing) Manifold filter – none or 30 mesh
Hose – 1/2” i.d to 50 ft. Hose – 3/8” i.d., high pressure, 50 ft or less
3/4” i.d. for over 50 ft. 1/2” i.d., high pressure, for over 50
Maximum working pressure – 750 psi ft. with 3/8” H.P. Whip end hose.
Maximum burst pressure – 3000 psi

HOLIDAY DETECTION: Holiday detection is recommended. Use a high voltage detector such as a Tinker and Rasor AP/W .9 to 3.5 KV Dry Detector.

CATHODIC PROTECTION: PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is compatible with conventional cathodic protection.




PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is hydrophobic which accounts for the ability of the coating to displace moisture from the surface being coated. Most ambient temperature curing agents for epoxy coatings are either partially soluble in water or are easily emulsified so that effective cure in the presence of water is not possible. Except for a minor reduction in rate of cure, PCS-9043-TYPE II PIPE COATING is unaffected under the same circumstances.

The most common cause of coating failure is not the lack of chemical resistance. Usually failures can be traced to inadequate surface preparation or to application under less than ideal conditions. PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING has been designed to minimize the importance of surface preparation and ideal application conditions for all types of service, except immersion. The stresses of immersion service are so great that the best surface preparation possible must be specified; however, even with less than ideal preparation, the excellent wetting properties and inertness to water of PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING will result in better performance than is possible with other coatings.

PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is suitable for immersion service at 77oF in the following:

Acetic Acid, 5% Hydrogen Peroxide, 5%
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Phosphoric Acid, 10%
Phosphoric Acid 10% Sodium Sulfite, 1%
Calcium Chloride Potassium Alum
Citric Acid, 20% Sodium Carbonate  
Distilled Water Sour Crude Oil  
Gasoline Sulfuric Acid, 50%

PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is suitable for elevated temperature immersion service in the following:

Black Liquor 160oF Sea Water 180oF
Deionized Water 160oF 50% Sodium Hydroxide 120oF
Distilled Water 180oF Tap Water 1800F
Green Liquor 160oF White Liquor 160oF
Hydraulic Fluid 110oF  
PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING is suitable for spillage conditions at room temperature for the following:

Ammonium Hydroxide, 20% Hydrochloric Acid, 20%
Butyl Alcohol Nitric Acid, 20%
Calcium Hypochlorite, 10% Phosphoric Acid, 30%
Carbon Tetrachloride Sodium Hypochlorite, 10%
Citric Acid, 25% Sulfuric Acid, 85%
Ethyl Acetate Toluene  
Ethyl Alcohol Xylene

CAUTION:PCS-9043 TYPE II PIPE COATING hardener is corrosive. Components of this product, when combined, may be skin irritants and/or skin sensitizers. Rubber gloves should be warn to minimize skin contact. Practice caution and good personal cleanliness to avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid breathing vapors of heated material.

See material safety data sheet for full precautions prior to use.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. For eye contact, flush with water; if irritation persists, seek medical attention. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.


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